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Dedicated to providing Best Graphic Designs & Books, we offer a wide range of services aimed at growing your brand and generating more revenue.

We believe in providing our clients with the best graphic designs & books which help you to move forward and achieve your target goals. Explore our various services to learn more about what we have to offer.
Digital magazine design
Thinking of creativity? Better to go with Digital magazine designs. It’s a visual attempt to reach your target audience and of great use to make it worth exceptionally.
The use of moving images, animations and gifs on screen, layout, typography continues to become a selective choice for publications. Our user-friendly interactive magazine PDF is also available and convenient for all digital means like Paperbag, Createspace, etc.
Best graphic designs & books
Books are not only for Bibliophiles, so what if something is missing more than words? Graphic designs also decipher the words. This can entertain you in any digital platforms like iBooks, and even available in IPads.
By all odds, we represent the best graphic design books where you may get different styles and twists of fonts and types, shapes and sizes, pictographs, lines and curves, colors and shades, etc.
Ebook design
Ebook design is a lucrative way to showcase your skills as it reaches the maximum audience and beautifully expresses the content just by the designs. The impression it imprints on the readers’ minds is the key to make its way for demand. To compile multiple digital pages and display long texts as a book is a real deal to convince your customers. But, no worries! Our attractive and proper presentation surely makes it fulfill. You can utilize your Ebooks on different platforms like Kindle, EPub, etc.
Print booklet InDesign
A compelling idea of design is to draw the attention of your target audience. Booklet printing adds credibility to your sales pitches, catalogs, and much more.
Generally, in Print booklet InDesign, both the sides of pages get printed and commonly two pages on those sheets are either folded or get stapled. You can select the design from numerous designs (like a small book or pamphlet) by printing pages of a document in a special order and changing a couple of printing options.
Creative Brochure Designs
Here’s the experimental and informative way when creative brochure design not only impresses to gain credibility of the client but branding itself.
The high quality, colorful materials consist of multiple sheets, which could be either bi-fold or tri-fold. The documents even used for advertising can be templates, leaflets or pamphlets but our way is to bring the new leaves in town. E-brochures are also one of them which plays
Lead Magnet PDF
Marketers generally offer Lead Magnet Pdf to their buyers in exchange for some constructive pieces of information, content, or

Lead Magnet pdf consists of a piece of digital or any downloadable content that is videos,
checklist, report eBook to make their work worth.
Lead magnet pdf designs are that bait
to buy you an impressive deal
where we will make you
Creative book cover designs
It says, “Never judge a book by its cover.” But we try to portray the story by our cover.
The utmost task for any publication is to give a final shape to the manuscript and finalized it by the process of creative book cover designs. Indeed, it’s a brainstorming method to convey the theme of stories and depict outside in that particular manner with the use of graphics, images, and typos.
Chanel coffee table book
Décor hits you with an oversized Chanel coffee table book where the hard covered crafted set of inspirational books fascinate everyone’s attention right on the table.
This light read could be of good use mainly for pictorials or non-fictional where several illustrations, photographs accompany by texts or captions that may surely entertain everyone.
Print design magazine
Some quality print design magazine meets where graphics tempt to bring your imagination in reality that you can touch and feel.
The high-quality magazine PDF with complete print instructions and texture can blow life into it. It’s a sum of large creativity based on the visual tradition of illustrations, exhibitions, interactive work, and corporate branding which would help you to get the selected print any side.
Branding & Logo
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WordPress Website Designing
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Social Media Graphics
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Best graphic designs & books FOR Your UNIQUE NEEDS

Our agency has experience working with all different businesses in vice-versa situations. Every business has its own unique structure, so to match your needs our custom marketing designs can surely help you to boost your sales goals.

Through our services, you can distinguish your brand from others by creating a customized plan according to your industry, goals, and challenges.


In our first contact with your company, we will meet with you to discuss the goals of your company and how we can help you achieve consistent branding.


Once we have developed a comprehensive understanding of your business’ goals, we implement our customized solution across all online platforms.


We will continue to improve your editorial’s branding and learn how to better tell stories to your audience using innovative visual elements. 


“Construct today for the betterment of the future.” In the time of digital ebooks and magazine designs, our determined team wants to build effortless and quality techniques to enhance the craft and level of graphics and be the fruit as the world progresses.


To establish layers of creative, informative ideas of graphic and magazine designs by the tools, so we can stand in the front and lead the publication houses successfully with such diversity.


We use data to advise you on best
practices when it comes to layout
and design. Data-driven learning,
a learning approach driven by
research-like access to data.

clients says about us
Andrew Marmont
Andrew Marmont
Conqurve Content Marketing

Abdhesh completed the job on time and was able to bring an e-book concept to life. I would highly recommend Abdhesh for future work – thank you!

Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 2.59.06 PM
Shalini Bhattacharya
White Ray Coaching
Emotional Intelligence Coach

Abdhesh Jha is one of very talented designer I have ever met, He got what I was seeking for, he is extraordinary design and creative skills, I will definitely recommend him in my circle, he is the best.

Jonathan De Long
Jonathan DeLong

Abdhesh is great! So professional while also flexible and creative. We hire a lot of freelancers, and he is one of the best to work with. I highly recommend his services.

Nishit Lal
Nishit Lal
Thought Bulb

I have observed that Abdhesh is a thorough professional in graphic designing. We have used his services and will continue to do so because of his responsiveness and creativity. I would recommend you connect with him for your projects. All the best.”

Kris Ward
Kris Ward
Branding and Marketing Director

He is excellent, eager to learn and produces high-quality graphic design work!

Santosh Nair
Ayus Arogyam PVT LTD
Managing Director

I have been working with Abdhesh on several short- and long-term projects and have found to be his work to be excellent! He is extremely passionate about his work and executes all assigned projects with perfection. Strongly recommend him for any project.

At our agency, we produce high-quality images and visual designs that allow you to present your content in the most optimized way possible. Work with us to start moving your publication forward today.
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